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Business Description:
Based on our passion for our practice, the entire staff of aims to live up to our four-part mission every day:

Integrity – We will deal with each patient honestly with regard to expectations for rehabilitation and recovery. We will recommend the appropriate device or solution, based on the physician’s prescription, the patient’s functional ability, their goals and their insurance coverage.

Compassion – We will show kindness and concern to each client, understanding that their visit with us was most likely due to a life-changing event. Each patient is treated with the same caring as a member of our own family. Their success is our success.

Skill – We will offer each patient the highest level of expertise in designing and fabricating each orthotic and/or prosthetic device. We aim to keep up with the latest technologies in order to allow the client to the best outcome possible.

Collaboration – The partners of the practice meet regularly to discuss challenges, share new techniques, and create an ever-changing set of best practices in order to deliver the best care possible across all offices.”

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  • Damon Johncour, CO, BOCP
    Damon is a Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist with over twenty years of experience in the O & P field. He holds an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Texas at Tyler and attended Northwestern University Medical School...
  • William S. Stauffer, CPO
    William is a disabled Veteran that served in the US Army. During his rehabilitation after an accident that ended his military career, William was introduced to the O&P field. He was then accepted into California State University’s Orthotic and Prosthetic program...
  • Mark Fordham
    Mark Fordham is an ABC Certified Prosthetist (CP) who has been practicing in the field of orthotics and prosthetics for over 27 years. He attended UC San Diego and completed his prosthetic training at Shelby State University. He earned his ABC certification in 1994...

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